Empty Your Heart, Fill Your Abdomen

To cleanse our meridians and balance our yinyang, we need energy. One of the best ways to obtain this energy is to empty your heart, fill your abdomen' A technique known more prosaically as Abdominal Breathing.If you are used to chest breathing, it is difficult to change to abdominal breathing immediately. But the following method can make the technique easier.



Stand upright and relaxed with your feet fairly close together. Place one hand on your middle energy field, about two inches below your navel. Place your other hand over it. Open your mouth slightly. Then empty and dispel irrelevant thoughts. It is important to have an 'empty heart' throughout this exercise.With both palms, press your abdomen inside and stand still with your eyes closed for about five minutes. Practice this twice daily for at least two weeks before proceeding to the next stage

For the second stage, repeat the same movements as in stage but as you pre, your abdomen, gently visualize bad chi (only negative energy) flowing from your abdomen' up your body and out of your mouth. Practice this stage for at least two weeks before going to the next one, gradually increasing the count when pressing and releasing your abdomen but keeping the holding time to two counts.

In the third stage, the movements are the same, but as you release your abdomen, gentle` visualize good cosmic energy flowing through your nose, down your body and filling your abdomen. In other words, as you press your abdomen, bad chi flows out; as you release it, good chi flows in. Do not worry about your breathing; let it be natural. As before, stand still for about five minutes with an `empty heart' when you have finished.


Proceed to stage four only after you have practiced the preliminary stages for at least six months. One smooth continuous movement for four counts (about four seconds). Make sure that you do not breathe in as you press your abdomen. Hold that position for two counts. Then release the pressure of your palms in, one smooth continuous movement for four counts, thus allowing your abdomen to return to its original position. Hold for two counts.

This process of pressing, holding, releasing, holding, constitutes one breathing unit, or one breath; and it takes ten counts (about ten seconds). Start with ten breaths for each practice session, and gradually increase by one or two breaths. Do not worry about your breathing yet. At this stage, it will be natural or spontaneous, but remember not to breathe in as you press your abdomen. After pressing and releasing your abdomen about 10-20 times, drop your hands to your sides.

This is the `empty your heart, fill your abdomen' stage proper. Empty your mind of all irrelevant thoughts. Breathe out gently through your mouth as you gently press your abdomen to let out bad chi, and breathe in gently through your nose as you release your abdomen to let good cosmic chi flow in. Perform this abdominal breathing for thirty-six breaths. Then continue with standing meditation for about five to fifteen minutes.

During the standing meditation, you may use Positive Visualization to solve any health problem you may have. Abdominal Breathing, with Standing Meditation and Positive Visualization, is a very powerful technique for curing illness. But it takes time. 1f you are prepared to practice daily for six months, you are so full of health and vitality.

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