The Wonderful Flow of Chi

Can a general method of chi flow be used to cure a wide range of diseases? To those familiar with the concept of chemotherapy in conventional medicine, where a particular drug is used to cure a particular illness. Overall treatment of practicing is in fact logical and scientific that is if we understand the underlying principles. The diseases mentioned above have the same root cause - dysfunction of particular organs due to a blockage in the flow of chi. Indeed The Chinese medical principle is that if we cleanse the meridians to bring about a harmonious flow of chi, we can eliminate hundreds of illnesses is a very concise statement .

At all times and in all of us, fat is being deposited in our blood vessels, sugar is pouring into our blood stream, acid is accumulating in our stomachs, calcium is solidifying in our kidneys, pollutants are clogging our lungs and toxic waste is choking our body cells. Yet we do not develop hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, kidney stones, asthma or rheumatism so long as our bodies function naturally, so long as the elaborate system of chi flow feeds the necessary information to all parts of our bodies.

Our bodies are like gigantic biochemical plants, capable of producing all the: chemicals needed to neutralize excessive residues. But the parts of the body, the countless glands, must be fed the right information so that they know what to produce, and this is possible only when the flow of chi is uninterrupted and harmonious.




Miracles do Happen

A young man of thirty, had a good job, no financial worries, and was unmarried. Yet he attempted suicide twice. Why? He was not psychotic. He was not suffering from a terminal disease. He was tormented by excruciating rheumatic pain for years. He had seen many specialists, but all they given him, were `pills, pills and more pills'. Painkillers had no longer any effect on him. When the pain became unbearable, he banged his head against a wall.Finally when all had failed ,he tried Chi Kung therapy.

A master, opened energy points on his body, and channeled chi to him. He also taught him Chi Kung exercises, including Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon and induced the flow of chi in his body. For the first month, there was no visible effect. Then he felt the chi moving in his body. Gradually the flow became so vigorous that he could not control his own movements. After four months, his rheumatic pain disappeared. He said to The Master, `How could I have been so silly as to think of committing suicide?'Fantastic? No. In fact, the relief of rheumatism is a typical response to this therapy.

An even more amazing case. a young girl was going blind! Two eye specialists had confirmed it. One said she would be blind in two weeks; the other in two months. She had returned home recently to have her kidney cancer cured '`What had the doctors recommended? 'They couldn't do anything. One of them suspected that the nerves serving her eyes were not functioning. According to Chi Kung theory, the cause is simple. The flow of chi to your eyes is blocked; hence,the eyes cannot function properly. The therapeutic principle is also simple, though the actual process may not be easy. Once the blockage is cleared and the energy flow restored, the eyes will function again.'

A Balanced Attitude

Many of the so-called' incurable' disease that gave been cured by practicing Chi Kung include arthritis, rheumatism, insomnia, asthma, diabetes, ulcers, kidney failure, hypertension, sexual inadequacy, impotence, migraine and cancer.

In many aspects conventional medicine is superior to this therapy. For example, if a patient suffers from an acute illness, then he should consult a conventional doctor, not a Chi Kung therapist. But in other cases, such as chronic and degenerative diseases, this offers an excellent alternative.

It is not so that everyone suffering from these diseases will be cured by practicing Chi Kung. No responsible person, not even the best doctors, can guarantee that their patients will be cured, because recovery depends on many factors besides the actual treatment. But methods can be offered that many patients suffering from these diseases have found extremely useful. There is a very high recovery rate. These methods will work for you, will depend on other factors too, that is if you have practiced them correctly and regularly.

Eating Six Energies

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