Secrets in the Clouds
Happiness is health and living without rush.
At sixty climb mountains without a crutch.
Nearing ninety chi's made me fit and strong.
With a thousand books my eyes still dance along.


Lifting the sky for health

It is essential to be relaxed. Your mind should be free from distracting thoughts.
Just try to perform the exercise naturally. Stand relaxed and upright with your feet fairly close together. Hold your arms straight down, with your hands at right angles to the forearm, and the fingers pointing towards each other, in front of you. Bring your arms in an arc forward and upward, so that the palms, still at right angles, towards the sky. Then lower your arms sideways, so that they return to your mouth. At the same time lower your head to look forward.

Practice is essential. Some variations in the technique, even some minor mistakes, are permissible.This is a means to induce every flow inside the body. Importantly is to breathe gently. The more forcefully one breathes, the more powerful one becomes. This is not true. In this training, what is breathed in is not just air, but cosmic energy, and forceful breathing often constricts the flow of cosmic energy.

This is called Lifting the Sky. Like many other exercises, the form is deceptively simple, ,but it induces the energy flow .Each time you push your palms to the sky, feel your back straightening. And each time you lower your arms, feel the flow of energy down your body. If you practice only this one exercise about ten times every morning without fail for three months, the results will be quite noticeable.

Would You Like to be Active and full of Vitality?

Chi Kung became pre-eminent, emphasizing prevention rather than cure. The therapy was practice with resounding success. Suppose you are suffering from an illness for which conventional medicine provides little help, as a last resort, you seek a holistic therapist. He asks you to relax, which is an essential part of the procedure, and he opens some of your energy centers by gently touching certain points on your skin. Soon you start to move involuntarily. A little later, and apparently without your knowing about it you become fighting fit. You may even enjoy yourself, and after a few such sessions with your therapist, you could well find your chronic illness cured .

Search for Immortality

Meditation, which is the essential paramount path to immortality, can be classified into two main methodologies, namely 'one-pointed mind' and 'visualization'.We have a body, and body is the unity of the physical and the spiritual. The form itself is dead; it is the spirit that gives the physical life.

When there is harmony between the physical and the spiritual, it is not possible; for this harmony to be disturbed. The spirit will wither;If there is no physical substance, on the other hand if there is substance, the spirit will flourish. Constant harmony unites the physical and the spirit into one. Constant illness causes the physical and the spirit to separate.

Reality of Chi

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