The Three Domains


We exist on three levels.
We exist on the physical level, quantum level and the non local level.

Visualize that you have entered a very dark place. There is darkness all around. There is a chink of light and one sees a some water. Maybe it is a beautiful pond. Suddenly there is bright illumination. It is a huge sea, glistening and sparkling all around. There is more in the far distance, mountains, trees, streams and quaint houses. They did not exist in the darkness. All was revealed with the great flood of Light.

On the physical level, life is lived in darkness. Nothing is known except existence. We endeavor to bring Light into the physical domain. Partially the quantum domain is seen. It is so exquisite but in the physical domain it did not exist. Then there is illumination and insight. Looking around one can see the beauty of the non local domain. Synchro destiny is this illumination and insight. I am all of it. I am here where I was, and that is the pond and that is the sea that was always there. We live on these three domains, all of us.

What is the physical domain? It is the third dimensional realm. Everything has to have height, and weight and length and breath and solidity. It has to be Finite. Time is linear. Everything is finite in the three dimensional world. There are boundaries and we live within those boundaries. We have our five senses. We have laws of cause and effect, a part of our physical domain. This is the realm of sentient, mortal beings and 'common sense'.

There is another domain of pure information and pure energy. And that is the quantum domain. And our minds, our thoughts, our feelings and our ego exist in the quantum domain. They are not physical, they are not material, they are not tangible, and yet, don't we know that they are real. Is my thought less real than this bag? I cannot see or feel or touch my thought. But it is as real. Sometimes it is more real. But the quantum domain is not limited to only this. It is everything that the physical domain is, and more. The physical domain is really the manifested form of the quantum domain. The quantum domain goes by the rule of energy.

The Quantum Domain


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