Coincidence is Synchro Destiny

Coincidence is not a coincidence. It is synchro-destiny. It is allowing self to be in a state where one connects to all the possibilities that one is. There are times we leave ourselves open, but there are deep underlying ego issues that still cloud up the openness.

Synchronicity is an understanding of how nature works and the nature of things. Then to understand energy and learn energy. Only through a understanding of energy will learning come how energy affects our energy fields. Recognize that, Divine intelligence pervades every single atom and sub atomic particle in this universe. Every thing is pervaded with this intelligence.

We are constantly playing hide and seek with our Divinity. There is fear, there is excitement and a thrill, all mixed together. This is how we live our lives. We need to experience what Divinity is! What if divinity 'catches' me? No longer can ego be hidden. We are afraid to attain our dreams. What if they really are true? Dreams make us invincible, and they are so big and ever so real. Nevertheless, we retract. We come out of our dream state and experience, and then again we retract. In the process the various coincidences that come into our lives are lost.

Coincidence means to occur simultaneously, to occur, to cooperate, to be in unison with. Coincidence does not occur randomly. It happens as an incidence. They happen all the time, it is only that miracles elude us. Miracles are considered as great events of great magnitude. It has to be a major earthshaking event to draw our attention. Actually, Miracles are the very smallest of events that happen day in and day out. We just don't see them and if seen then unfortunately it is always in hindsight. We are too busy living in our physical domain.

We need to open ourselves to synchro-destiny; to being in
a constant state of connecting with all the possibilities that are.

The Three Domains

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