Su Jok : A Cure Made Easy

This healing method is simple and easy to learn.
A instant relief from many a ailment

A therapy discovered by South Korean professor, Park Jae Woo. When compared to other holistic methods of healing Sujok is simple and uncomplicated. Sri Yogananda's says "God is simple ...Everything else is complex." In fact it is this simplicity that has endeared Su Jok to holistic practitioners and pupils all over the globe.

Su Jok is considered as an advancement in the arena of acupuncture, this South Korean holistic therapy at its most basic involves acupressure. In fact so effective is Su Jok as an acupressure therapy that often the need for needles does not arise, as the health problem is taken care of by sirnply applying pressure to the corresponding points on either of the hands or the feet.

The word SU in Korean means the hand and JOK means the feet. Thus the name itself speaks all about the therapy. Anybody who applies himself to learning the basics of Su Jok therapy would do so within a matter of minutes. That is the beauty of this therapy.


How Does Su Jok Work?



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