"Our World on a String"
The Infinite cannot be attained using finite means
Reality in Quantum physics is far beyond human perception and intuition.
Our rational mind is just not capable of understanding the true nature of reality.


Theory of "relativity" is a new way of looking at the physical properties of the universe. The Newtonian understanding of absolute time and space were abandoned. Time and space were unified and made relative. Forming a continuum that curved and about itself. Gravity was a distortion of this continuum caused by the presence of mass. The famous formula e=mc2 was derived. e=energy, m=mass, c=the speed of light,the constant in the system is the absolute maximum speed that anything can travel.

Einstein's famous theory of relativity has one "absolute speed of light" in a relative universe, and it forms a kind of boundary around all we can know. Objects shrink when they are in motion, space time curves, light is bent by gravity .

After his theory of relativity, Einstein tried to find a 'unified field theory'. To tie together the workings of the physical world in one theory, a theory of everything. Could scientists find a a way of integrating the theories of quantum and relativity? Contradiction cannot be built into nature, it must be in our minds so say the scientists. Einstein had a deep sense of the mystical or spiritual, however he was a scientist, and that, a rational explanation or theory could be found, the world could be understood by human reason.

What then is "Chaos theory"? In essence it is a reversal of the classical view that physical laws are what count, and local disturbances are somewhat trivial. In chaos theory local disturbances can be overwhelming and, just as important, we cannot tell when they are about to overwhelm us. There is hidden order in the chaos theory.


Patterns emerge and every magnification of the pattern reveals more elaborate layers made up of shapes. Linked in swirls, repeating in more and more complexity. These patterns illustrate infinity and it seems be the creative and energetic complexity of reality. Could this be Sacred Geometry?

For the first time in physics a framework called "String theory" explains every fundamental feature upon which the universe is constructed. For this reason string theory is sometimes described as possibly being the "theory of everything". These descriptions are the deepest possible theory of physics, one that does not require a deeper explanatory base.

These "new sciences' make our universe illusory. Mass cannot be ascertained. There is no instrument that is available to measure this massive mass. Perhaps the speed of light can be even faster. And yet metaphysics seems to be more relevant as we explore the mysteries of "new' sciences. The meaning of the quantum, relativity, chaos and string, seems a multi layered web of illusion. The deeper one goes within, illusion seems intricate and tangled.

With this web of illusion, we seem to come closer to "Awareness". The explanations
of the Infinite cannot be attained using finite means.
Let us try and understand the
"theory of everything". With my limited knowledge of the physics I have tried
to put together the theory and so this article has evolved
" Our World on a String"


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