The Sound from Silence


I was intrigued with the thought that Meherbaba had taken a wow of silence for almost thirty-five years. He maintained it till he died. This set me thinking could I possibly keep silent in this modern world for thirty or forty years? How would I conduct my life? How would I communicate?

This set me in another line of thought. This modern world has adequate upheavals, reasons for irritation and frustrations, what would I convey in silence. If I remained silent, would there be temper and anger? In fact, I think if I was not disciplined the silence would be broken and I would turn into a screaming harridan. But then, onto the path of being one with the Source a quiet silence would defeat the upheaval, and perhaps I would then say "This too will pass."


What then was "Soundless Sound", the sound from silence?
One needs to explore this world of silence. The Universe was
created from this soundless sound.
And if "I am That" it is imperative that one understands "soundless sound".


Soundless Sound



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