Soundless Sound

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".

The great sages discovered in deep silence, words that are soundless sound.
Their minds were one pointed and inward, and with their one pointed
minds, they went beyond and picked up those sounds.

The music of the ethers

The traditions of ancient wisdom use one of the three main focal points for concentration: either a sound, syllable, or a set of words, an image, figure, or object; or light. With sounds, there are three categories: those used in 'prayers', those used in your 'thoughts', and those used as 'mantras'. A mantra is a sound, a syllable, or a set of words. Train your mind to accept a particular focal point that is not distracting, and that which leads your mind to become one pointed.

To select an object or form of concentration, 'your focus', study the mental ability. Is the mind inclined toward sound or music, or does something visual attract you more? Do you react more when something is seen or when there is something heard? For really selecting a focus for the mind, this a true teacher of the meditative tradition can gives you. When such a teacher imparts a sound, he is handing you over to an angel. An angel is given to you.

Sound creates a form.

If a sound is imparted to you
, then a form is with you. If this sound is strengthened, the
form is strengthened. Then one is never alone; as the form is always within you. In the
beginning the sound and you are not one; there are still two of you. This sound will
walk with you, sleep with you, talk with you, because the sound has a form.
In due course of time, the goal is to become one with the sound.



Sound from Silence



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