Transformation from Third
to Fourth Dimension.

The characteristics of the third dimension is Separation. God is outside of oneself, a Omnipotent Being that works in absolute secrecy and is a punishing God. With this in our minds we separate from others. You remain on a personal level of isolation and aloneness. These are separating aspects of ourselves within ourselves.

We know now this whole universe is evolving. But this idea of separation has been necessary in third dimension to keep us in that experience. This separation that has been a part of our world for the several thousand years is in no way wrong, bad or negative. It is part of the experience that was chosen.

Now we move towards the Fourth Dimension reality. The main qualities of Fourth Dimension reality is integration. Therefore, the laws that you have in Third Dimension reality based on separation can no longer operate in the Fourth Dimension reality. It is indeed comfortable to continue in the same belief patterns. Something will tear and most likely emotionally and therefore we refuse to let go.

There is a urgent need for change in all our relationships. How often is it that we have said "enough is enough, this must change." This feeling of urgency has to do with the idea that you are moving from one vibrational reality to another. Therefore the feeling to shift beliefs, to shift premises, and therefore shift the way you live.

The easiest place is to start is in our third dimension Relationships




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