The Way to Consciousness

Rewriting our Script is perhaps a new thought process and a new unwinding of all our belief systems, our free will choices, our truths, and our ability to let go. These I do admit are fine correct verbs in the way of consciousness to higher dimensions. We are in the corridor of the fourth dimension, with our residue of the third dimension characteristics and the unknown territory of the Fifth dimension.

Our words, actions and thoughts really come from personality consciousness. How we behave, stand, and talk to people, say the right words, say the right things, because what is being projected is really our personalities, and not the Creator that we are. Our very pitfalls and the hurdles, of becoming Fourth Dimension Consciousness. At present we are only personality conscious instead of God conscious.


The first hurdle is that of Truth. All our beliefs have changed over the years. What one held as truth is now no longer our truth. What you didn't regard as truth now has some element or seed of truth that you are now willing to look at. What then is truth and is there an definition of truth?

There is no untruth in anything, however heinous the act may be, however abusive the personality of another may be. It is not necessary be condemning a person, but there is the duality of truth and untruth. My perception is not of complete Higher consciousness and exists in my reality right now. And this changes as the personality changes. However I do know my Inner self never changes and that there is no truth. As soon as you say this is the truth, then obviously there is an untruth. With our God self there is no truth, there is no belief; there is no attitude.

Free will choice. That is the second hurdle. When the Will, is free of personality that is the only time you are really making a choice; otherwise there is no free will choice. All fine words but what does this mean?

Our choices are being directed by our attitude, our beliefs, by our social conditioning; mind conditioning, emotional conditioning, environmental conditioning, world conditioning. Today it is considered as evolved to believe in spirituality and alternative realities and healing. And if you don't believe people see you as not so "evolved." It comes out from so many different conditionings and attitudes, and temperaments and defense mechanisms, ego tools, that it is never really free.

A choice made from your inner being with your intuition, however adverse it is to the social norms it would be a "free will choice". There is no pain, no anger, no defense mechanisms, no beliefs that is the truth. It is taken with the shining Light within you.

The third hurdle is, Flowing and Letting go. If intellectually one perceives something, and are able to define it, it is not detachment, it is not surrender. It is loving every single personality flaw and giving it strength. In fact is your weakness that you allow to pull you down. Everything that is considered a weakness, when viewed from a different perspective is strength. Criticism, considered a weakness, when viewed from a different perspective is the ability to evaluate a situation critically but in a healthy manner, without the blindfolds of blind faith. You are then aware of those areas, which needs to be overcome.

But when criticism is applied to the outside, to a situation, to a partner, to another, then we say it is a weakness. Again you see that there is no weakness, there is no strength. It is an aspect of your personality that you are viewing from a particular perspective. Letting go, therefore means, doing exactly what you have been doing, without a moment of self-flagellation, or guilt.

And finally Doing is our next hurdle. Personality does. God consciousness is. I am praying. I am doing meditation. I am eating. I am healing others. I am following the right diet. I am doing…. everything, so many words so much saying, so many prowess's. Personality is verb directed. It is never satisfied in Just Being.

Just to Be, To Be in Awareness...Shana



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