Attachment of Spouses

Then there comes the attachment of spouses. Squabbling and quarreling with each other all the time. Most of us think this as a matter of course as married couple will naturally have rows. In fact this is the most unnatural relationship. The rows are because the energy attachments that you form, are causing conflict within your own auric field, your spouse's auric field. The conflict manifests in the physical, only to point out to you, that there is a resolution required, where each one has to let go.

If you let go of a person with anger in your heart which is
really not really letting go then that person's involvement
in your life, in your energy, is stronger than what it was.

How many have been divorced years ago but still, rave and rant about their wives and husbands. There is no parting, the involvement has become stronger because the letting go process was done only physically and with anger.

An energy attachment is the one that must be let go with complete willingness and joy, without the need for any support. Energy attachments form because every embodied soul, goes through a very, long phase of incarnation after incarnation, of needing support, of being dependent on another. Ask yourself "Am I able to take every decision on my own? And be completely comfortable even if it is right or wrong."

" Maybe some of you have come close to this now, through effort. But we went through years and years of being completely indecisive and fickle. One keeps going from one point to another. Go inwards the strength will come from in deep within you. You would resolve your need for attachment and come to a decision.

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