Intermingling of Energy

One would assume that this could only happen when the two persons are in physical incarnation. Often the two are not in physical incarnation together. If you were in physical incarnation and your friend is not, the friend realizes that you were moving on from where that energy of the friend's is at a particular point, the energy will try to hold your energy back. No, not out of malice, but because you are so close, that you would want to move together.

Of course the more you grow apart, because of the intermingling of energy now, there will be greater and greater conflict, which will be experienced by both, the disembodied soul and the embodied soul. This can happen when the disembodied soul is not on an extremely high level. Because if the realm that you have reached is a high one, the embodied soul will know there should be no attachment and will move away. None of us really know where we stand and how we will therefore react, and where we will be when we have moved on. Then, why not consciously break any kind of attachments. Why not let go? These are the so-called good attachments.

Then there are attachments which you have formed where fear, anger, anxiety and depression comes in. They intermingle in exactly the same manner. These attachments when very strong and the soul decides to break those attachments, the two souls come together, generally as parents, siblings or spouses.

It could also be an excessive love attachment or you could have a really possessive father. Maybe what is considered good in our culture, an extremely devoted mother. You can also have a husband-wife relationship with an extremely possessive husband or wife or an extremely devoted wife, who says I will do everything for my husband.

These attachments need to be broken. To be removed. The universe generally gives us these opportunities. Very often you will find a very devoted husband who has dedicated his life to his wife. She suddenly dies. He does not know what to do with himself. The attachment has been physically removed. He was given the opportunity to go through it, to work on the attachment. He didn't. Probably the soul of the wife, will then take the exit point, in order to ensure that now he will be forced to remove the attachment.


Attachment of Spouses


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