Releasing Attachments


Many of us have already done so many release lessons. When we do breaking of ties, with meditations or affirmations, to break our ties with people who may be alive or dead what we were really focusing on was the emotional attachment. However, beyond emotional attachments there is also an energy attachment.

For example, you may have grown up with a childhood friend, where you have gone to school together. Furthermore there is college together. Even after marriage, both live close by. There is constant interaction, where your energy and your friend's energy become so intermingled, that there comes a time when the two friends sit across the room and just look at each other and know that the conversation has been going on without a word having being spoken.

This is the meaning of an energy attachment. Because you are living so close, the energies that you emanate begin to naturally intermingle. And this is only in one lifetime. When it happens life time over lifetime, this intermingling of energies remain. Often we might say the intermingling is good, as we come back as friends again and again. Our normal reaction would be" that is a wonderful".

Energy attachments of even so called love or attraction or friendship, any kind of an attachment needs to be unhooked. If there is energy intermingling, then when your energy is moving on, and if the other's energy is not moving at the same pace. Either there will be a conflict in your energy, and that conflict will transmit into that person and bring him down, or bring you down. Certainly, somewhere there would be a conflict situation. You may not be physically aware of this, but when you are on a path when you want to ascend, no energy attachment must prevent you from moving on.

Intermingling of Energy

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