The Changing Frequency of Higher Harmonics

The human race was not only affected by genetic tampering and experimentation
but was also almost totally decimated by distortions in the planetary grids.

The Earth is sentient, a living organism as well and brings in energy from Source just like any living other organism. We humans, living on the Earth can only bring into our bodies the frequencies that Earth can bring in from Source. If the Earth's grids are damaged, then every life form living on Earth will have a damaged DNA template. Planetary grid distortions caused mutation in the human DNA template that shortened life span, blocked higher sensory perception, caused loss of race memory, and scrambled our original language patterns

Grid Changes

This is the most exciting time to be in a human body. An incredible change is taking place: The electromagnetic grid is aligning with the Crystalline Grid. The electromagnetic is the old grid. It holds us in place in matter. Now, it has moved into alignment with the Crystalline Grid the new grid of the new world that is being formed at this moment.

We are starting to feel a shift from the electromagnetic energy to the new, nuclear energy that is coming in with the Crystalline Grid. This new energy will enable us to step into the next dimension. It will enable our strands of DNA to make the shift into the 5th dimension.

This energy, or the
"life force energy." Will allow humans to return to their original blueprint, increasing the lifespan and perhaps even bringing immortality. We want the energy to remind us of who we really are. These changes are making our archetypes change. Male and female roles are changing. Many of us feel anxious, fearful, or depressed. Some feel as if they are in suspended animation. The body is experiencing profound changes as we move from one dimension to another. Change is becoming a constant. The old paradigm is falling away. We need to feel with our consciousness that the new change is to be loved and embraced.

With the changing frequencies and higher vibrations we are all becoming CO Creators. This is what our original DNA was. It reactivates these DNA strands we can realize our true genetic potential and original blueprint. This will also enable us to finally have hundred percent brain utilization.

Reality, Consciousness and Awareness


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