Rapa Nui

After 12-12 12 and 21-12-2012 I thought that there would be an explosion of new manifested events that would catapult us into the real NewAge. It seemed to be just there , but nothing really happened. We still continued with financial crises all over the world, we had hunger, war and acts of aggression. Truly it was disheartening. Children were disregarded, women were treated as chattel and the downtrodden still continued in their miserable state. It appeared that nothing had changed.

In search for the new truths I came across this channeling of Arch Angel Metratron by Tyberon.... It was enlightening! There was hope. The changes have already begun. Manifestation would come generation away. Maybe we don't see these new energies changing us into the New Golden Age now. It has begun and as the days go by subtle differences seem to be showing. Indeed, we have long long way to go.

Time is relative. You could envisage this Golden age and we could catapult ourselves into that time span. We need to stop thinking 3D and Linear. Train our minds to think otherwise. Perhaps think more in the higher Dimensions. Believe in the Golden Age, that it is with us already. Heal our apprehensions. There are Beings around us to help us move forward. We just have to still ourselves and hear our inner voice and messages coming to us. We have to learn to love ourselves and those around us. The language of the Golden age will be Love.

Believing is still a fraction away from the goal. We have to think with Certainty. Certain about the outcome, certain that we are already in the Golden age, Certain that change was here. That our Light shines so bright that we will enlighten the world. Take our place in the Universe. Communicate with our friends the Pleiades and Arcturus and all those that have come to assist us and Gaia. With Love Shana

Rapa Nui


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