Rapa Nui

I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love!
We take a moment to bring in an entourage of Angels and the Spirit of Place of Rapa Nui.
We are joined by the Hathors, and ancient ones of MU in a brilliantly shining spiraled vector.
Close your eyes for one moment and feel our collective.....

The earth is a part of the Solar sysetm that is vast, powerful and much more extensive than we may fathon or understand. There are many realities and many versions. The Earth is one physical reality and exists in many. The Earth has served many purposes and will continue to do so. There are specialized points and places above, upon and within the earth where dimensions merge and frequencial door-ways occur. There are numerous unique cavern-apertures that reach far into the earth and enter other realities, and into the realms of beings of differing experience & expression.

We have been told previously that other beings and races currently share the Omni-Earth with us. There are numerous others that have come and gone in differing epochs of space & time. Most of them know a different earth than ours. The earth has since its beginning been home of myriad races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth and its moon. They have been aware and unaware of each other -- separated by space, time, dimension and purpose. The earth is uniquely symbiotic in that it is a camp-ground to some and proving-ground to humanity.

All who enter above or below ground on the planet know Rapa Nui,
It is a Stargate of extreme potency with a unique alignment to Arcturus.
All life that enters the Earthplane passes first to the gateway of Arcturus.
And so we speak of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

We wear duality filters which keep us from fully seeing what an exquisite energy we are. Many of us, or mostly all of us do not even recognize the magnificent accomplishment that the Ascension represents, and fewer still understand the fact that WE created it. We are all on the cusp of an utterly astonishing graduation.

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