Moments of Centering

Very easily one comes into a moment of centering, into periods of complete conscious awareness; awareness in living because the energies which are coming in and are, very strong. When that stage of infusion is completed, then the energy source is cut off, and the energy that has been infused has to stabilize within our bodies.

There may have been an particular incident or a catalyst that had triggered the whole imbalance. On the other hand there may not have been any moment, event, or person, nothing that was a catalyst to imbalance. These are the inner changes to teach us to balance ourselves. Initially the periods of balance or centering were very short and the periods of imbalance were far longer.

The ratio has reversed now where the periods of centering are very long and imbalance is shorter. A constant see-saw that we all go through. With great infusions of Light and Higher energies, and at the time that the infusion process is on, the intensity of the Light that is being infused into our bodies, is so strong that it overcomes all the energy blocks. We were in such an expanded state.

The intensity naturally ebbs and this new energy stabilizing, its intensity is reduced and it cannot overcome fully our energy blocks. These blocks come up again to make us aware. It has to plateau out and our entire physical energy has to now reach that high plateau. Through this whole period of conflict, energy blocks are again being opened up. They are being released. The physical manifestation is emotional because it comes out as irritability and intolerance.

Once those appropriate block areas have opened up, once again our bodies are ready to get further infusion. Again we will go through a period of being in balance and awareness. " Why has this ratio changed? Why is it that earlier there were these periods of great imbalances and less of balances?

This energy being of far greater intensity, our expansion is much greater and we remain in that expanded state for far greater amounts of time. As more and more energy blocks are removed, consciousness also expands, and the periods of centering remain longer. Aware of what is happening within us, we deal with those moments, those periods better without causing undue conflict around us.

The Three Domains


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