The Kingdom of God

The year 2007 onwards is all about Self-Empowerment. To be able to meet all the difficulties that come up before us. Challenging ourselves to see how empowered we are. We often fall victim to our own frailties, pitying ourselves or blaming others. The situation may worsen and you feel less empowered. No difficulty we encounter is too difficult to surmount. If difficulties come now, it will come at the right moment, when we have the strength to surmount it.

We sometimes reason and think it is insurmountable because our thoughts tend to get caught in the past. As our power has grown appropriately, and what seemed to be insurmountable at that time, is not insurmountable now. Not realizing that we are slowly being empowered, we are still stuck somewhere in the past, when we thought we were weak, when we thought we needed external help and needed external support.

Day by day we are growing and everyday we are getting more powerful. We have moved beyond, far ahead in consciousness. We need to be consciously aware that we have moved and not react from the same mind frame of the past. We are now on the threshold of a quantum change, of movement and growth. We have strengths that we are not conscious of.

Each day become conscious of a few more of strengths. By focusing our attention on our strengths, we will empower them even more. Unduly, do not focus on the frailties that still exist. Be conscious of the universal adage that "I am the Universe." Take a quantum leap into the new dimensions of peace and harmony. These are the new realities and they will coming in. "Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God?"

This is a huge shift; it is a radical shift. Many will be drawing upon their master energies, and will be unaware of this. Truth has a wonderfully gentle way of revealing itself, and soon many will be conscious of the shift that has taken place, and within themselves they will find the strength to meet this shift. Truth has to pervade all, but how quickly it is accepted, and assimilated, depends upon each one's inner power.

Moments of Centering

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