Principles of Tantra

Consciousness knows that all is one and that energy is undifferentiated. Knowingness is aware of energy only through its different and distinct aspects. As a result, at one level of your being you have the complete wisdom of oneness, and at another level of your being you recognize energy only through its distinctions and are ignorant of unity. We, as joyous beings are paradoxes. We live on two levels smoothly, effortlessly.

Conflict arises when we begin to introduce the aspect of unity in the knowingness, which by its very functioning is not meant to recognize it. Often our actions are incorrectly focused. Instead of introducing unity in our realm of knowingness, we should attempt to close the gap between consciousness and knowingness, such that consciousness naturally becomes aware of knowingness and differentiation, and knowingness naturally becomes more conscious of unity. Both consciousness and knowingness need to experience the two polarities naturally. This can only happen through closing the gap between consciousness and knowingness.

This very same differentiated energy often is condemned by spiritualists and religious followers. We tend to get so intellectually spiritual and so spiritually intellectual that we take a whip to ourselves each time we don't experience unity. We don't experience unity for very large parts of our living existence. A telephone to call a dear one, we are experiencing separation. The moment one turns around and calls you by your name, we experience separation. The moment you criticize and judge another, you experience separation. The list is endless.

Every aspect of our lives is truly a joyous experience of separation. We resist this joyous experience by constantly attempting to intellectualize through our knowingness the aspect of unity. Knowingness can only intellectualize unity; it cannot experience it because it was not meant to experience it. We have chosen a joyous dual existence. Instead of fighting it, let us use it to help us bridge the gap between conscious reality and knowing reality, so that it some future NOW when the time-space continuum does not influence our existence, these two realm will seamlessly merge into undifferentiated energy.




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