Pranayama, Breathing and




No practice should be undertaken without the direct supervision and guidance of
an accomplished teacheror a Ascended Master..... These practices are described
only to provide an overview of the diversity and nature of the practices
recommended in the scriptures, and many require special preparation
and preliminary practices. This is a basic form of meditation.


When I wrote about Maha Avatar Babaji the appropriate would have been to write about "Kriya Yoga". This is such a advanced practice, for those who are truly on the path to renunciation. In this age when such high spiritual energies are coming into our consciousness, with a need to find the peace and succor from the stress and anxiety, it is essential to learn and know how to breathe correctly. To understand what our breathing does to our nervous system, our physic, our mind and thoughts. I always give emphasis that breathing is life. We all breathe then why not do it correctly? The primary method to assist the change of crystalline energies.

We diet, we use all kinds of beauty treatments, do absolute killing exercises, and other fitness regimes. We look for longevity, are afraid of being old and being infirm. Vast amounts of medication are imbibed to keep away disease, but, do we give a thought to how we breathe? Breath is life, and life is the Universe. To live joyously, full of verve, in perfect equanimity is indeed "Unity of Being", the true path to Ascension.

There is burning desire in all of us to know advanced levels of consciousness. Is there a systematic method that can make you reach these altered states of consciousness? If this is so where can one find it? The art of breathing, Sarwodaya, is really an esoteric science. Sage Agastayar showed the science to Babaji, and so on, the long lineage of sages passed this exquisite and precise knowledge of immortality to all those who followed.

I am grateful to the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga and Philosophy for giving precise information on the Science of Breath, Pranayama and Meditation. The vast knowledge left behind by Swami Rama, this would not be possible. His simple language and easy to follow methods are the path to understanding and transformation. However I repeat, it is best to get a qualified teacher to teach you these methods. Even if one learns the basics and practices them one can feel the changes and the transformation. What is needed is a resolve, discipline and daily practice.



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