Hall of Pillars

The first time I had a mystifying dream and since then recurring, I was bewildered. Nothing that I had experienced and seen had any associations
with what I had dreamt. It was about ten years ago
that I had first dreamt it. Here is the dream.


In the far distance there was a body of water. The luminescent light that was all around in purples , mauves and blues. The colours were wondrous. I was in a large glass dome. There were three plates in the center. The plates were made of a shining material perhaps tungsten. Embedded in the these huge plates were stones or crystals in different hues. They were purple, ruby red and crystal clear . These stones were emanating incredible power. In the far distance were four pillars all in a line with a lentil over them . The pillars had four lotuses on each of them . The pillars gave the impression that they were curved.

All around me I could hear voices and yet there were none in my vision. Some of these voices were from the far universe, cries of pain asking for help. As the voices came to me I rotated the plates, they sent out a shaft of light from the center. These rays seemed to go out to the stars. Every time the plates were rotated the pillars vibrated and a shaft of light would be anchored into the pillars. Therein ended my dream.

I had filed away my dream into the recesses of my memory. Nothing in my life associated me to the dome, the plates nor the pillars. What was it? Subsequently in writing about DNA/RNA I understood that we carry within our cellular memories all the lives that we seem to have lived. Could it be that I was dreaming of my lifetimes in Atlantis or Pangea, or perhaps Lemuria? What was the role that I had played?

Then in a recent Channeling a distinct message came forth..........

" Your group have made such quantum leaps in their energy fields that it is now intended to use this group identity energy for universal growth. And unknown to you it has been happening. We have been using your group identity energy far more than you are aware of. At present it is still in the unconscious because you are not conscious of our use of it. But more and more it will be told to you because a more conscious use of this energy will expand it even further"......

......"Dissemination of knowledge will continue. That has not been given up completely because for your group identity energy, wisdom itself is the foundation for expansion. So we will continue to feed and strengthen the foundation but the purpose of this foundation is different."

".....The composition of the core group will now change .....the group must now start playing its role as the pillars. And now we will induct a shift in this core group energy structure. ..... When each one has been used as a pillar, you will have created for yourself and for your group a hall of pillars where your group identity energy will dwell. You will have created a space in cosmic energy only for your use. And only those who have helped in the creation of this space can be permitted in"..........


The Dream has a meaning now. The pillars are Rods of Power, Wisdom and Energy.
The creation of a cosmic temple of light using our own personal energies
intertwined with cosmic energy.

The civilizations of Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis


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