The civilizations of Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis

These were the great continents of civilizations. Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis all three-were a part of the original landmass. They were interactive with each other. The oldest civilization that became highly advanced and technical was Pangea. Its boundaries were the southern hemisphere of the globe. Lemuria was basically the Pacific Ocean areas, extending far into the northern hemisphere beyond Japan and China.When Pangea sank, her technologies and much of her information was taken to Lemuria. The next great civilization was that of Lemuria, approximately 18 million years ago. The civilization of Lemuria lasted up until approximately 50,000 years ago, when darkness overtook it, and it sank.

South America is the only remaining part of Pangea. It is considered an outpost and not a part of the Pangean Motherland. When it was known that there were Earth changes and difficulties ahead for Pangea, the histories of humanity were taken to a great city in the area of Peru. In Peru, that a great golden era was maintained here during the same time frame as the most ancient of Lemuria and also Atlantis. Both of these nations of people, in their early formation, established golden ages of peace for their people.

Darkness eventually settled upon them and they fell. 
And again, many technologies were taken to Atlantis. Atlantis existed for approximately 40,000 years. Atlantis existed in 3 stages. The first section of Atlantis to sink was shortly after the sinking of Lemuria. The two remaining sections were governed by Thoth up until approximately 10,000 years ago, at which time the remainder of Atlantis sank.

The Golden Age of Atlantis was a magnificent time.  Life expectancy for a being such as Thoth was approximately 10,000 years.  The spiritual teachers could often live to 1,000 to 1,500 years and their students would live between 600 and 800 years.  Indian myths talk of sages and rishis living for more than 10000years .

Atlantis was the youngest of the evolving civilizations and her region was primarily the Atlantic, going eastward through Africa and beyond. At one time there were great and wondrous civilizations in Africa and some believe that Africa was the birthing of civilization. Africa did not sink, so there are still many artifacts there. Africa would be like an outpost of the of Atlantis. These were the three basic great civilizations that lasted for many millennia. 

The Great Ark of Thoth

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