The Event of 2012

A lot has been written and said about 21st of December 2012. Movies have been made about the doomsday of 2012. Fear is absolutely rampant. People are dreading this event. It is not true that such a cataclysm would take place. Of course the onus of responsibility is entirely on us. Much of the phenomena related to the year 2012 are rarely reported in the media. The media reports only those events that is phenomena that is backed by science. There are many things that science cannot explain because they are beyond the realm of science. For instance science cannot answer the question "What is consciousness in a sentient being?" Yet each being knows that they are conscious and that they do not require proof of it.

But the boundaries of reality as defined by science keep on expanding. Therefore the phenomena
that lie outside the understanding of science cannot be said to be nonexistent or untrue.

How will the human mind work in fifth dimensional reality?  How is that different from the way the human mind works now?

The human mind already works in fifth dimensional reality.  The way you experience your mind though, is with a twist from that original fifth dimensional reality.  The real answer is we are going to tell you how the mind already works. How do we experience our minds in third dimensional reality.  That is going to help us understand how to reform our thinking so that we are grasping our fifth dimensional mind. 

Third dimensional reality perspective tells you that events, people, things, ideas, are distinct and separate from one another.  In fifth dimensional reality, everything is seen as connected but differentiated so that while there are variations of energy, it is always evident from a fifth dimensional perspective that everything is of the same cloth; that everything is just another version of Light and that nothing exists without a context and connection with everything around it. 

A lot of the material is channeled and has been collated from one persistent dream, my own regression where I had gone back to the Source and then started my journey into the Universe and thereafter to planet Earth....................Shana


A Cosmic Birth: Photon Belt



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