The Fabric of our Dreams


The importance of our dreams is a nocturnal journey and is as a entrance point to our inner realms. Our dreams can be a valuable source of inspiration and eventually for healing ourselves. It will certainly play an important part in our collective evolution. To release these shadows of pain within and the old wounds of suffering of the past. It is commonly accepted that dreams can give information about our present outlook and trauma. These mysterious messages can give our conscious mind a warning of danger or they may inspire us to taking new paths of creativity.

Moreover these visions-dreams can be a gateway for inner dimensional travel and communicating with our inner being. They could be any or all of astral traveling, soul search, and healing in your sleep. Dreams can be prophetic opening doors into the future and giving you very valuable information on your past. As there is no time and space in dreams they allow you to pass through these barriers.

Dreaming allows to circumvent our every day logic. To set aside our traditions and habit system. It is much easier to dream about our past lives. Those that do not believe in reincarnation will remember dreams that are in other times of the past history.



C.J. Jung writes in his book " the question of karma is obscure to me, as is also the problem of personal rebirth. Recently, however, I observed in myself a series of dreams which would seem to describe the process of reincarnation. Ordinary dreams, that are the result of a recently read book or movie are somewhat fuzzy. Those that are of the past lives are more often than not vivid. The colors are clearer and objects very defined. Past life dreams can be recurring. Often it means that there are unresolved issues which have manifested in the dream state. It means that the conflict needs to be resolved to release unsolved limitations that have bound us into the pain of the past."

Dreaming about our past lives releases the blockages that are barriers, phobias or unexplained fears in our waking life. Most dreams remain in our consciousness for a brief period. Dreams occur when one is a light state of sleep at the end of a sleep cycle. A sleep cycle is generally about ninety minutes. At most times the dream is completely forgotten by the morning.

Dreaming and Remembering



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