The Universal Program

Indeed it is perhaps the most exciting time to live.
To step beyond our limitations. The time has it's own evolutionary process,
cycles in which each of us can understand the blue print of our soul.


We are able to resolve old issues that had a source in our previous lives. We can use our dreams to tap into the memory of past and present life traumas. Our feelings of being rootless, and our connection with ourselves seems to be lost. In the daily grind for survival, we have lost the ability to be in the right relationship with ourselves and all that is around us. We have forgotten how we exist in every part of nature, the mountains, the rivers the sky and Earth itself. But, all that is changing. The Earth itself is on a path. At an end of a long cycle the Earth will rejuvenate itself and huge changes will occur in the very fabric of our lives.


As the Universal program proceeds, changes can be seen in technology, and our awareness to natural resources. The planet is changing so rapidly that it is deeply affecting us, and how we relate to each other in the environment and to the vast Universe around us.


The pain from our past keeps us from fully experiencing the beauty of our own existence. The pain, and in the resultant isolation we feel we have forgotten the primordial wisdom that we have. We have forgotten that we are connected to a living and pulsating Universe. A Universe which is joyful and singing with life and pulsating with the intensity of Spirit.

We are as equally alive as the Universe. If we have an injury, the entire body responds by sending healing energy to the injury. Are we then aware of the hundreds of biochemical processes in our body's immune system? It is all done automatically. That then, is the nature of life, that then is the nature of the Universe.

The Universe is the macrocosm, and our bodies are the microcosm. Our planet can be like a single cell of the human body of the living Universe. Right now our planet is indeed injured. The universe is sending wave upon wave of healing energy to our planet. A massive purification process has begun to take place. There is a cosmic stirring of old memories, old structures and traditions and limiting beliefs. Fresh inputs are being received that change our perceptions. In the beginning it seems as if it is chaos, all that is fetid and foul comes to the surface. Differing opinions based on old beliefs bring warring factions into play, which causes upheaval.


Every aspect is essential. The new frequencies that are coming in create an incredible cleansing and clearing. In these exciting times we have an enormous opportunity to release the old heavy burdens we have carried from lifetime to lifetime. To overcome old blockages based on thousands of years of structures and hierarchies.


The Fabric of our Dreams



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