Healing of the Inner Child.

you and you alone are responsible for your mental,
emotional and physical well-being. 

What and how you think, to what you do, paying attention to what didn’t matter one bit a few years ago. Raising your vibrations, of opening the kundalini, connecting it with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown charkas. When your centers within you align, you literally become the captain of your ship with a tremendous level of accountability. 

This is the new paradigm, the shift.
 The harmonic convergence comes from harmony.
Convergence is to blend, to bring together. 
This activity is happening on all planes. 

Sometimes the actions of a thought in relationship to the reaction of an event may not be quite so swift or dramatic. One needs a kick start. Things can go askew in your life and in your world when your vibrations are continuously rising and not paying attention to the oncoming changes. Not paying attention to what you are thinking or what you are saying or to what you are doing in your behavior. 

The day of accountability is here.  It goes along with the raising of vibrations, shifting, new paradigms, a new world, a brighter tomorrow, a new consciousness. 
It does start with you.  It starts with your inner world.  You can speak and write wonderfully beautiful words but unless you have imbibed it, it is meaningless.


ur belief is in flooding ourselves with light, and that this light will automatically and inevitably heal all of your aches, pains and traumas. That in itself is the mistake. How can one add higher vibrations to the old heartaches and conditioned ways of thinking.  Dealing with our heartaches and our pains, we deal with our inner world demons.

Becoming that little child who was wounded long ago and you again feel that was suppressed so long ago.  When feeling comes in and becoming totally aware. With awareness you place upon that wound, your tears and your sobbing heartache, the wondrous balm of the angels. But only after you have let awareness in. It is within the heart that you will find that child.  Addressing the pain as an adult, justifying and excusing those who wounded you, does not help the inner child.  The adult you, with all the mental analysis, that is like the dog who keeps licking the wounds so that they cannot heal. 

It is only in the emotions of the child that you live and relive being that child until such time as there is no pain left.  And then the adult you can comfort that little one.  Adding light to your pain serves to bring that pain to the forefront in order for you to walk toward that pain.  To go forward in order to discover who you are, find your courage and go forward.  

Going forward without fear and dealing with your inner demons, facing them once and for all, will do more in assisting you through the shifting times than all of the beautiful thoughts, words, and deeds.  Be not afraid to become the little child.  Be not afraid to look within.  For in the fullness of truth, no one and no thing can heal you, only you can heal you.  So, lightworker, heal thyself. 

Our prayer is to be awakened gently, not to be hit on the head with a block of wood before your higher self, and your Divine Father within can get our attention.  Our prayer "I failed to pay attention and consequently I have damaged the vehicle which you wish to use.  I am sorry for the aches and the pains, the bumps and the bruises, the heartburn, and for allowing myself to be knocked about."  And perhaps our Divine Father will say “Child, I forgive you, but please pay attention. I want to use you and all of your vehicles for My transportation. This is the way that I express myself on the earth plane.”  

What is your business that may need tending to? 


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