Be-ing and Doing

There is indeed great light and love and much in the way of help, but there is also a darkness. 
And to focus only upon the light would be to put your head in the sand.  You must look at earth
changes through a dual light, else you get caught up short. 
On ancient Atlantis the lightworkers there refused to acknowledge the dark energy and when they realized what was happening, it was already too late. Keep your awareness of what is going on around and about you. 

And the greatest skill of all is your ability to love. As of this moment in time, love has become the dominant energy, no longer does fear rule.  What is needed at this time is wisdom. Wisdom in the decision-making processes for the days ahead.  To be able to understand clearly what is transpiring from the higher perspective.

It is important to understand that the Earth was never designed to be home to so many life-forms.  Many beings of human form have come here from other places and do not actually belong to the Earth.  They will leave.  They have brought with them many forms of plants and animals that are not native to this planet.  These also will leave.  This planet was never designed to have such extremes in weather.  This also will change.  

The land mass changes will be the rising of certain parts of ancient Lemuria and also ancient Atlantis, but this will be done with great gentleness.  In other areas some of your great mountains will have landslides in order to open hidden vaults within them in order to expose ancient cities that contain much information that will be very helpful to you. 

Several new cities in Peru have been discovered that have been long hidden from view but the greatest of them have not yet been discovered.  The dolphins have an underwater opening into one of the great cities of an ancient golden land and Patanjali once was Priest-King in that era.  The great White Eagle also lived in this land and these two great souls, as well as many others, placed great information within the temples and the halls of learning of this ancient land. 

These halls of learning are still intact.  There is an underworld that is teeming with life and much activity as there is great preparation to raise this information to the surface of Earth.  Again, this will be done with the greatest of consideration to the life-forms living on the surface of the Earth.  

There is much confusion concerning to Be and to Do as States of Consciousness.  There is also much confusion concerning the condition known to you as time.  A parallel consciousness exists on another planet. There have been many lifetimes on this planet and have experienced many things, as have you. In those lifetimes we have gained much in the way of understanding and a level of wisdom.  A love for this planet for she has been a gracious hostess and I have many friends here as well. 

As for Be-ing and Do-ing, you will achieve the state of being in which you become qualified to lower into manifestation that which is held in readiness on the Causal Plane. Each of you has an assignment waiting for you.

On the Causal Plane you are ready and qualified
On the Earth Plane you may still have unfinished personality business that
is getting in the way.  Heal your relationships, your emotional hangups.
Address your fears and pain and heal them.  Become the child.

Healing of the Inner Child.


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