The Original Sacred Geometry

The original simple sacred geometry was the Void, with overtones of complex hybrid sacred geometry. However, back in time and space to early sacred geometry. It was ike a whirlpool, fast moving circles and within the end of the center of the whirlpool, these concentric circles going round, was the void. From the void, which was set in the core of the Mother Earth. This was the cosmos and this was creation. The beginning s of sacred geometries and the different manifestations.

That is why we say 'go within to look without'.

At the point you term the 'Big Bang', when the consciousness fragmented, every single tiny iota of the consciousness became an individual symbol. There are no numbers, in our consciousness, to count these symbols. These were the original symbols of what is called sacred geometry.

Each tiny fragment, with its own consciousness then began to develop, to mutate, to expand. A simple shape, for example, might have been a circle, would then start to have different shapes within it: A circle within a circle within a circle, a series of intersecting circles, but each form would always retain its original form, in a different hybrid pattern. So if the circle, for example, was that particular fragment's signature, all aspects would always be circles, never straight lines. This is how it mirrors our individual selves.

Then as each fragments mutated, expanded and its consciousness grew, these fragments began, at times, to join with other fragments. More and more complex symbols began to appear, joining more than one consciousness. One became two became three became four and as they joined, the increased exponentially. So two became four and then became sixteen. As they increased exponentially, they joined yet with other fragments forming more and more complex forms of sacred geometry. This is the truest, truest aspect of our life; the earliest cells, simple cells of vast amounts of complex sacred geometry.

Where could this consciousness go?


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