Me, my Soul and my Fragments.



I have now understood the higher centers are usually sensed through extreme stress or agony. Till I was ready to experience it nothing was forthcoming. Most of us aren't too interested in agony. Fear is a part of false personality, there has to be no fear for pain. Relationships are very important to us. There must have some application in our lives, since we're on the physical plane.

Before I could experience a feeling of the vastness of this Universal program a very important lesson had to be learned. I had to learn to experience personal love, and the first expression is in the physical, then the lower emotional and mental, and finally at the inner level. All aspects had to be experienced during this cycle.

There have been some vivid dreams in my life. I wish, I could truly remember my past associations with others, those with whom I had lives together, or the way I had incurred karma. Dreams are perhaps a way to learn this. Some have been memories. Some dreams were vehicles for many other things, including astral meetings. I then understood that not every dream was necessarily a memory of a past life. My quest then was to know where they emanated from. Who was this other "me" that I saw in my dreams? A fragment of me? What are these messages coming forth?

Some were, dreams of the actual event and some were from the Essence? I understood that in most cases this was a message. If one could "be still," The Essence of my soul was always available to me. In the beginning it was too difficult to let go of the familiar prison of false personality and choose to shut out the voices of my soul.

I had to change. I understood that to change openness would be the best approach for all the closed parts to be opened. I was conscious of the futility of anger, and not really sure how to handle it and what this anger was about. I was avoiding situations which might have given rise to this. Remember it was too painful. Facing it head on, resolving it at the inner level, loving myself allowed things to open.

What followed was a understanding of the choices I have made at Essence level. Glimmerings of knowledge filtered through. Assisted by the Masters at an inner level, understanding is dawning. Merger could be possible. I truly hope that those who are on the same quest can understand and know- "that you can do it too"........Shana

the soul



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