What is the soul?

All souls, or fragments, are a part of the universal creative force.

A soul that has broken itself up into fragment, now exists as though it were 'individual' because it must exist so in order to be embodied. Each fragment will constantly be connected with the silver cord. The silver cord knows what each fragment is doing, and therefore, the growth of one leading to the growth of another, is through the matrix formed by a silver cord. When this fragmentation takes place and the physical cycle begins the fragment is more remote to the Infinite soul. A part of the whole but unless some outside force liberates them, they remain remote from the Source and trapped in the body. The soul in it's true spiritual state has no limitations or handicaps.

Individual souls as fragments.

When the spirit entity first becomes earthbound there can be as many as a thousand fragments. As the entity progresses the fragments unite. As each lesson is learned the monads are formed. The monads are the essential and complete experiences and relationships. The soul is capable of existing on all dimensions. It travels and exists beyond the three dimensional limitations which man imposes on himself. The free
Essence has no limitations and is free to travel or exist in a multidimensional universe. The whole is the sum of the parts. There are no dominant fragments. We are an entity integrated whole. There is no sense of loss, wastefulness or saddened remembrance.

The soul seems very remote, if it exists in conditions of all time

and no time, part of a whole that seems to run by its own rules.

To fully understand the soul's growth, it is necessary to perceive the true nature that exists within the
Human Soul or Essence. Personality is a survival mechanism for the body. The soul's goal is distinct from those of personality and therefore these elements are in eternal conflict. This is the lesson learned on the physical plane. Only the soul can ask the question "why am I here, what is my mission?" The personality does not require such information.
A soul that has broken itself up into fragments now exists as though it were individual because it must exist so in order to be in the physical body, but between each fragment will constantly be in link with the silver cord.

If it decides, it can fragment even further. Fragmentation is not a common phenomenon. Fragmentation is permitted only when each fragment has reached a certain mass of energy. In order to fragment, each fragment must have its own density factor and for that, the entire soul must have reached an adequate density, which when fragmented, would not become inadequately dense.

When each fragment has reached an adequate density factor, it can be permitted further fragmentation. The number of fragments cannot exceed, at any time, more than 144. When further fragmentation is required, fragments will join together, once again to make one large fragment out of several smaller ones. Each fragment now, works as though it were individual. So you may be in a room all by yourself coming from the same Essence.

Seeking your Different Fragments


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