So often we rub our hands, press them in anxiety, wash them, the list is endless of all the things you do with your hands. Did you know that you had a potential to heal your self with a few Mudra excersies ? Mudra is a term with many meanings. It is used to signify a gesture ,a mystical position of the hands..A simple gesture can effectively influence our body and our mind by bending , crossing, extending or touching the fingers with other fingers. A wonderful and a simple way to heal yourself........Shana
How Are Mudras Practiced?
Breathing, Affirmations to Enhance the Mudras
Mudras and Color
Mudras to Heal Physical Complaints
The Energy Systems

Ganesha Mudra
To Overcome all Obstacles
Kubera Mudra
For Achieving Your Goals
Pushan Mudra
Broincial Mudras
Asthma Mudra

Prithivi Mudra
Pran Mudra

Reduces Fatigue & Improves vision
Linga Mudra
For Clearing Of Lungs
Apan Mudra
For Urinary and Liver Strenghtening
Shankh Mudra
For Throat Problems
Surabhi Mudra
For Rheumatism &Arthritis


Shunya Mudra
For Ear aches
Apan Vayu Mudra
First Aid For Heart attack
Suchi Mudra
For chronic Constipation
Mushti Mudra
Activation of Stomach & Liver Energy
Mahasirs Mudra
For Eeadaches
Hakini Mudra
For Remembering
Joint Mudra
Balancing energy in Joints
Detoxification Mudra
For Detoxifing the Body



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