Hakini Mudra

Place all the fingertips together. The Hakim Mudra can be practiced at any time. When you would like to remember something, or want to find the red thread again, place your fingertips together, direct your eyes upward, place the tip of your tongue on your gums while inhaling, and let the tongue fall again while exhaling. Then take a deep breath-and what you wanted should immediately occur to you. Moreover, when you must concentrate on something for a longer period of time, could use some good ideas, or want to remember something that you have read, this mudra can be useful. When doing mental work, don't cross your feet. Sit with your eyes facing west. This mudra can do true wonders, and you should always keep it in the back of your mind in case of an emergency.

This finger position has been researched quite well; it has been determined that it promotes the cooperation between the right and left brain hemispheres. It is also recommended today in memory training. It opens access to the right hemisphere, which is where the memory is stored. This mudra also improves and deepens respiration, and the brain profits from it as well.

To activate the energy of the large intestine, shift the finger contact
by one finger so that the right index finger is on the left thumb,
your right middle finger is on your left index finger, etc.

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