Suchi Mudra

First clench both fists and hold them in front of your chest . While inhaling, stretch the right arm to the right and point the index finger upward. At the same time, stretch your left arm to the left. Hold this tension for 6 breaths and then return to the basic position. Repeat six times on both sides.

For serious chronic constipation, do four times a day. For light constipation, repeat six to twelve times in the morning and at noon. When traveling or in acute cases, practice every morning before rising for 5 to 10 minutes while comfortably lying in bed. The Suchi Mudra often helps the first time you do it. If you practice it in the morning at 7, you can usually "unload" before 9. Unwellness, spite, impatience, violent temper, wanting to cling to everything-the cause for all these unpleasant feelings is often full, and therefore stressed, intestines.


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