Kubera Mudra
Dedicated to the god of wealth, Kubera

Place the tip of your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together. Bend the other two fingers
so they rest in the middle of your hand. Do this with each hand. The Kubera Mudra can be
used for a great variety of concerns. 1t doesn't matter how long it is practiced,
but it does matter that
you do it with intensity.

Many people already know it as the "Three Finger Technique", use it when they are looking for something specific-a free parking space, a certain dress, the right book, the necessary information, etc. Others use it when they want to put more force behind their plans for the future. It always involves goals that people want to reach, or wishes that
they would like to have fulfilled. With the three closed fingers, additional strength is given to the matter and or thought.

It is obvious that something happens when the fingers of Mars , Jupiter , and Saturn join forces.
Putting this mudra to specific use in everyday life is quite fun. It also gives
us inner repose, confidence, and serenity.

The practice is simple. In your mind, formulate your wish or goal very clearly into words. Ask your heart whether this is good for you and whether it enriches your surrounding world. Now place the three fingers together, phrase your wish in a positive way, as you say it out loud three times. Press your fingers together while you do this. The Kubera Mudra opens and decongests, cleanses the frontal sinuses, especially if you draw the air upward while inhaling.

Visualize your goal, your future, or your special wish, in all its colors. At the same time,
develop the feeling as if it already were reality. The thought is the procreative power ,
the same applies to our goals and wishes. It is also obvious that we must
make our own contribution to this process.

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