The Energy Systems

These energy fields are subject to various vibrations. The physical senses are oriented toward one very specific vibration, and this is why we can only perceive this vibration in particular. Ancient yogis could perceive other vibrations, such as those of the chakras energy transformers and the nadis, subtle streams of energy. The Chinese researched the system of meridians. Palmistry, the hands and individual fingers are also associated with the planetary powers in astrology.

The Elements

There is a direct relationship between the hands and the neck since the nerve paths run through the vertebral form in the arms, hands, and fingers. The flexibility of the hands always effects the flexibility of the neck. Therefore, hand exercises relieve tensions in the neck. Moreover, spreading the ten fingers creates a reflex that causes the chest vertebrae to spread out.

The hands and fingers also have an additional direct relationship to the heart and lungs. many people can no longer properly stretch their fingers with increasing age. This shows tension in the heart area, which often indicates the prelude to heart disease or a tendency toward osteoporosis. This slightly crooked hand position also impedes inhalation. The result is that the optimum amount of air is not drawn into the lungs, especially into the lung borders, which promotes contamination in those areas.

Reflex Zones

The hand reflex zones correspond to the foot reflex zones, the massage treatment of which is generally known today. Since some of the organs are only found on one side of the body such as the heart and liver, this is reflected in the hands. Since hands come in different sizes, you may not find the exact pressure point immediately. When you have found the desired point, massage it with your thumb, using light pressure and slow, circular movements. One to 3 minutes are enough.



The best-known Chinese healing method. Instead of using needles, the meridians are stimulated with the fingers. The nonexpert can simply press them lightly with the thumb for several minutes to achieve a positive effect. If you have high blood pressure, massage the middle finger from the root to the tip. To counteract low blood pressure, massage the middle finger from the tip to the root. Do the same with the index finger if you have diarrhea or constipation.

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