Using MUDRAS to Heal Physical Complaints

Your destiny lies in your hands, and this should be taken quite literally. Not only because the hand lines show the past and future of a person, but above all because each finger has its very own functions and power. If you know how to use this power, you can maintain your physical health and mental peace.

How can my illness be improved if I do nothing more than just press together a few of my fingers? Begin to trust and carry out the exercises, the effect changes into astonishment. These are extremely valuable gifts that were given to us from the most enlightened masters of ancient times.

An unhealthy lifestyle usually consists of bad diet, lack of exercise, no fresh air, rest and relaxation, too much stress, worry, negative thoughts and feelings. Practicing the mudras, with a healthy diet, routine rest periods, adequate exercise will lead to an optimal lifestyle. And this is the basis for health. When mudras are used to support the healing of chronic health disorders, they should be as a course of treatment over a long period of several weeks or months to be effective.

Some mudras can also be used as help in an emergency. These should be practised when necessary and only as long as they are required. Sudden complaints are not a coincidence, but are of an imbalanced state that has already flared up within us. Mudra should not be used like a fast-acting medication to subdue symptoms. Get to the bottom of the matter. Meditate-ask inside yourself what this physical attack means for you. Ask persistently and honestly, for then you will also receive an honest answer. Perhaps it won't be comfortable, but it will have a healing effect in the long run.


Mudras and Healing Emotional Problems

Run your thumb along your fingertips in a gentle and conscious way. This feels wonderful! It's refreshing for your brain. The brain should be trained like a muscle every day. It has been proved that even after a few days of rest in bed the activity of the brain is reduced. The brain can regenerate very quickly through the appropriate training. Practicing mudras can be called pure brain training. There is a positive influence on the brain waves, particularly when the fingertips touch each other.

Affirmations promote a clear manner of expression, which is a mental power. When a mudra is done with full concentration, and a state of serenity is maintained, cerebral activity is calmed and regenerated. In addition, many mudras synchronize the right and left hemisphere of the brain. This promotes memory, the general ability to recollect, and, miraculously, creativity as well.

Always see the good in your fellow human beings, put the negative
aspects of the past behind you, live completely in the present, and
make the best you possibly can of it. Expect the best from the future
and remain in constant contact with cosmic consciousness-then
nothing will stand in the way of a meaningful and happy life.


Mudras have a wonderful effect on the emotional area of our lives, which includes the soul, our feelings, and our moods.To change oppressive moods, you can do so by changing breathing rhythm accordingly. How one breathe's can stimulate, calm, inflame, or cool one down. Mood fluctuations, can be largely eliminated within a few days by using mudras.


Moods and physical complaints are similar. In order to cure them, we must look for and remedy the cause, which almost always lies within. We should never blame our surrounding world for our moods. Parents, children, partners, colleagues at work-they are only reflections of our inner life. Even if we initially can't change our environment, we can work on our inner attitude toward the surrounding world, changing it in small steps.


Chronic bad moods of any type such as aggression, depression, dissatisfaction and fear can be caused by weakened organs, digestive problems, blood pressure, pain, or other phvsical reasons. As you practice the mudras used for physical healing, these moods may be remedied. Meditation, and affirmation have a positive effect on the mental emotional area.


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