Mudras and Colour

Colors influence our minds and our lives on every level. In color therapy, various shades of color are specifically applied to regenerate the organs and glands, as well as to activate the processes of elimination, respiration, and circulation. Colors also influence our moods and every type of mental activity.

Red stimulates the circulation, makes us alert,
warms and relaxes, but can also bring out aggression;

Orange improves the mood, promotes lightness,
stimulates sexuality, but can also stimulate superficiality;

Yellow stimulates digestion, makes us mentally alert, and
lets life appear in a bright light, but it can also be obtrusive;

Green is generally calming; it regenerates on every level,
and gives us the desire to start something new;

Blue is also calming, but this calmness goes deeper and provides
a sense of security; it conveys protection, and symbolizes the
silent yearning for the incomprehensible;

Violet is the color of transformation, change, and spirituality;

Brown is the color of stability and connection to the earth,
but too much can lead to stagnation;

White bears the entire spectrum of the other colors
within itself, containing birth as well as death;

Black is the color of protection, of gathering strength, of retreat,
and of the emptiness that already bears abundance within itself.


There are no "bad" colors. Every color can also be seen in our aura or energy body. When a color gains dominance or is not in its right place, it will initially have an effect on the general feeling of well-being. With time, a health disorder may develop as a result. However, the course of an illness can also be reversed with the help of colors.

You can have some beautiful experiences using color meditations. If you prefer a certain color, it may well be that you need the corresponding qualities. However, if you give too much preference to one color, this can develop into an addiction and the color may harm you. While holding a mudra, you can either visualize a color or concentrate on the color of an object. With visualization the color will then come to life.


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