Breathing, Visualization and Affirmations

The effect of a mudra can be immensely intensified with the breath.
This is why it is very important to know what breathing does.

Pay attention to a symmetrical posture and hold your arms about one inch away from your body. Even this position alone brings a sense of inner equilibrium and harmony as it regulates the activity of the nervous system and hormonal glands. In addition to carbon dioxide, we also discharge expended energy on the subtle level when we exhale deeply.This is why you should always exhale vigorously several times at the beginning of a mudra. Make room for what you want to achieve.

Always lengthen the little pause after inhaling and after exhaling by several seconds. The most important aspect of the breathing process. The inner powers are developed during the pauses-on every level. When you practice a mudra to calm yourself, then slow your breathing.When you practice a mudra to refresh yourself, then inters your breathing. The optimal quality of breathing is achieved when the breath is slow, deep, rhythmic, and flowing.

In the beginning of a mudra meditation, exhale vigorously
several times and then
let the breath become deeper and slower.

First: Focus on your hands and fingers,
notice the gentle pressure where they touch each other;
This centers, creates inner equilibrium, and builds up strength in general.

Second: While inhaling, you can press the fingertips together a bit more
and let go of the pressure when exhaling;
This variation strengthens the will and refreshes.

Third: The other way around and apply a bit more pressure
while exhaling and let go of the pressure when inhaling.
This variation calms and relaxes.

Feel the difference. You may not immediately feel the effect, but it is still

The exteranl circumstances of our lives usually shape themselves according to our imagination andour feelings. The possibility of shaping our inner images is in such a way that we can enjoy life, experience success in our work, and have loving and understanding relationships. Create an unshakable faith and be filled with both fervor and serenity to accompany our self-made images. We need to create little experiences of success for ourselves, since what functions in a small way will also succeed on a larger scale. We can slowly build and develop this confidence. If we can clearly express what we do not want and definitively formulate our wishes and needs, this can already be the beginning of a new order in life.


Affirming sometimes more, sometimes less. Time and time again, their astounding
effects have astonishing. It is so simple, and some people even find it a bit naive.
But things that are particularly simple and naive usually have the greatest effective power.


The same principle applies to affirmations as it does to visualizations.Say them full of faith, fervor, and serenity. You can say them one to three times, during or after the meditation.You can also pause for a moment during the day and speak your affirmation in a quiet or a loud voice. Make use of this wonderful possibility and talk yourself into what you really want-what is good for you. If you want to get rid of something stubborn, a negation can also be help- ful. Speak it at the beginning, while you are vigorously exhaling. For example, "This hatred or resentment, feeling of guilt, pain, fear, desire to smoke, etc. will immediately disappear and dissolve itself."


Mudras and Music

We all know the healing effect of music. But music is also good for healthy people who are occasionally plagued by weakness or physical imbalances. Since the music used for therapy plays anywhere from three to twelve minutes, and this amount of time corresponds to how, long one holds a mudra, it is obvious that mudras and music can have a wonderful influence on each other. Tension-either physical or mental-emotional can be relieved by listening to the right kind of music. The right kind of music has a calming and relaxing effect, possibly even taking a person into a state of deep relaxation. Stress and tension can also lead to an acute or a chronic state of exhaustion that can be positively influenced by music. If you pay attention to the following points, you can get a lot from using music with your mudras:


Consider your own taste in music;
Determine how long the playing time should be;
Listen to the same piece at the same time for at least three days in row;
Listen consciously, and immediately let go of any thoughts that may arise.


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