How Are Mudras Practiced?


"The hands are the bearers of important symbols, which are still universally understood. With his or her hands, the Indian dancer expresses the life of the universe. The rich symbolism of the dancer's language of gestures has a greater significance for the mind than words could express . Indian art has the spiritual meaning of the mudras and its perfect expression . The gestures of the deities depicted in Hindu and Buddhist art symbolize and evoke specific mythological occurrences."

Forming your hands and the fingers as they are shown in the various illustrations. The pressure of the fingers should be very light and fine, and your hands should be relaxed. Sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own, too inflexible, and the hands slip away or tire quickly. The flexibility of the hands has a direct relationship to the flexibility of the entire body. Tension at a certain place in the body, will be expressed at a corresponding area in the hands. Even a person's age can be determined on the basis of the spread fingers.

In the beginning, there may be some problems in doing some of the mudras with both hands, because, you may first have to arrange and hold the fingers of one hand with the other. Just do the mudra with the one hand for the time being. If the fingers that should actually be stretched curl on their own again, rest them. With time, the tensions will dissolve in the fingers or hand, as well as in the corresponding area of the body. Do the mudra as well as possible and the effect will appear in any case. You will gain more strength in your hands, become more flexible, and will be able to use both hands feeling more refreshed ,flexible and younger.

Treat your fingers in a careful and loving way.
You may not do the mudra as healing gesture,
but do it as a holy gesture.

If possible do the mudras in a seated meditation position-
Take into consideration the following basic principles of meditation technique:


Sit with an upright pelvis and a straight spinal column on a stable cushion. Both knees should be flat on the ground or at the same height if necessary, support the lower knee with a cushion until it is at the same height as the other knee. Let the hands relax on the thighs.Let the shoulders fall back and down in a relaxed way, your chest should be open and free.Pull the chin back a bit, and let the neck be long and relaxed. Breathe in an even, slow, flowing, and gentle way.Never end the meditation suddenly. Vigorously stretch your arms and legs.


You can practice the mudras at any time and in any place. Mudras can even be done while in traffic, watching television, or when waiting.. It is wiser to do mudras in a meditative, harmonious mood. Without being stressed and fuming with annoyance, or that you sit in front of the television with your mind on various problems you are facing.

Place your thumb and index finger together and think about something wonderful, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it lets you float on pink clouds. Now feel the energy that flows from the index finger to the thumb. Doing it again, imagine something terribly sad. Feel the energy of the fingers is it different? There is difference in the quality of energy that flows, in the first instance it is vibrant and electrifying whereas the other is dull and faint.


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