The science of Mudras is based on the principle that "The root cause of disease is the imbalance and improper co-ordination between these elements and proper balance between these elements is the secret of good health." The secret of health lies in hands, fingers and Mudras, which can be performed with the help of fingers.

Human body is composed of five basic elements and the five fingers of our hands represents these five basic elements. Ancient Sages discovered the knowledge of Mudras. By touching of hands to each other or folding fingers in a particular way, we can cure any disturbances in these five elements with the help of our fingers, we can keep the five elements in proper proportion, any disturbances in them can be balanced. So that our body become healthy.

The human body, like the Universe, is made up of fusion of five elements. Body's health depends on the proper balance of these five elements in our body. Mudras help maintaining this balance. Mudras are like control buttons of chetana of our body and their proper study help us not only to control five elements but also to cure many diseases and remain healthy.

With the help of Mudras, we can create particular kind of energy waves in the body, when needed. By creating these waves, the five elements get their proper balance which help man in his physical, mental and spiritual progress. By touching or by pressing our fingers on each other in a particular fashion we can perform different Mudras. There are so many mudras performed for different purposes, as in dance or prayer. Here we are studying those mudras which help us in curing disorder, both of mind and body.

Mudras, Hand Postures

There is a tremendous flow of energy in the hands and each finger represents one of the elements. The roots of all diseases lie in an imbalance of one of the five elements and can be corrected with medicines, willpower and Mudras.

Mudras is a term with many meanings. It is used to signify a gesture, a mystic position of the hands, a seal, or even a symbol. However, there are eye positions, body postures, and breathing techniques that are also called mudras. These symbolic finger, eye, and body postures can vividly depict certain states or processes of consciousness.So mudras engage certain areas of the brain and/or soul and exercise a corresponding influence on them.

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