Veils of Illusion

How did the Three Hermits walk on water ?
How did Christ resurrect his body ? How are so
many miracles performed by Sages and the Masters?

Modern science has no answers. Perhaps with the advent of the Atomic age there is some understanding of this. An glimmering of an answer can be discerned. The physical world is based on the fundamental law of Maya, Illusion. The Supreme Being is The Sole Life, Complete and Absolute Unity. This Unity appears as a separate and a illusionary false veil and dualistic, called Maya.

Newton's law of motion is the law of Maya. To every action there is a equal and contrary reaction. Action and reaction is equal. To have a single force is impossible. There is always a pair of equal and opposite forces.










Natural Fundamental activities have their Maya. Electricity is a phenomenon of repulsion and attraction. An Atom is amagnet with positive and negative poles. All matter is underthe law of polarities. Therefore Physical Science cannot have laws outside of Maya.

cience must deal with quiddity, the perpetual flux and it cannot reach any conclusion in on the Infinity of the Sole Creator. The laws pertaining to gravitation and electricity are now known but what they are no mortal can know or create.

To surmount Maya is to be above duality and reach the Unity of the Creator . Those who cling to illusion must indeed accept Maya and essential law of polarity. Birth and death , good and evil, pleasure and pain day and night, rise and fall, begins to pall after many lifetimes and man looks to beyond Maya. To remove the veil of Illusion and Maya is to uncover the secrets of Creation.

The Vedic explanation of Maya, is the magical power of illusion that underlies the phenomenal worlds. Western science has already discovered that a "magic" of unreality pervades atomic "matter." However, it is not only Nature, but man also in his mortal aspect who is subject to Maya: the principle of relativity, contrast, duality, inversion, opposition states

All mirages dissolve

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