A Story
This is a beautiful story on faith love and joy. Yogananda Parmahansa
has mentioned it in his Autobiography. Leo Tolstoy wrote a beautiful tale called

"The Three Hermits"

On a island lived three old Hermits. The only prayer they said was very simple. "We are three, Thou art Three-Have mercy on us." Many miracles manifested with this naive and childlike prayer.

The Local Clergy came to hear about the hermits and their prayer that did not conform to the tenets of canonical invocations which did not allow such a prayer. So it was decided to teach them the correct way to pray. The clergyman arrived on the island and taught them the customary prayers. Then he left on the boat back to the mainland. Whilst in the boat he saw a radiant light on the water.

As the Light came closer he could
see it was the Three Hermits, holding hands and
running on the water in a effort to keep up with the boat.

"We have forgotten the prayers you have taught us. Can you please repeat them? We have been running to learn then again." They said in Unity. The awed clergyman shook his head,and with great humility said "Please continue to live with your old prayer"

How did the Three Hermits walk on water? What is manifestation and intentions. Maybe if you learn to connect with the Divine force within you, you too will be able to walk on water.......Shana

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