marriage of spirit and matter


In the first part of "dance of love" I tried to explain what is attachment and how Spirit is free. Now, this is on Black Holes. Astronomers and Cosmologist talk about Black Holes as enormous energy fields that are invisible and suck all discernible energy into this hole. These holes must be for a purpose, as all has a reason in the Universe. Inevitably we shall know why.

What has Black Holes got to do with Love? Love is the final energy for all Creation. The feminine energies which are the Universal mind. It can manifest what ever you wish to manifest. Love is spontaneous, joyful and effervescent. So if we talk about the apposites, as we seem to live in a dualistic world, then Love would be sucked into a Black Holes of our conscious depressions. Why would we create Black Holes? Perhaps due to our feeling of separation from Spirit. Can we then have faith that Spirit is really complete and unshakable. Firm in it's commitment to life and living. The ultimate marriage of Spirit and Matter...........Shana


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