Pain, Resistance, Freedom and Liberty

Thinking about our past cherished thoughts increase and intensifies our pain. Thoughts refuel painful feelings. A feeling itself is our main experience and thoughts follow suit, they are secondary. From your feelings come thoughts, and thoughts define feelings and reinforce them. They in turn are reinforced by our feelings, and the whole cycle of interaction gives it a kind of reality increasing and intensifing our pain.

You experience the shock of loss of a loved one, and that pain anf greif of loss lasts for a certain amount of time. Every time you think about the past and your cherished loved one, the pain comes back. Depression sets in and your feelings of loss is insurmountable. Thoughts refuel painful feelings.

Attachments to objects create fear of loss.

A ornament has been in the family for four generations. The mother passes this on to her daughter and so on. Now it has a family sentimental value and for decades the family develops an attachment to this . The accumulation of feelings and thoughts around the the ornament carry with them the fear of loss but the artifact continues to give pleasure. It is just a piece of metal but now with all the family's sentimental projections. We project our attachment and emotions on to objects, we fuel feelings and thoughts to produce a problem.

Our problems

The problem is put it into the back of our mind so that we don't have to deal with it. We throw ourselves into another activity to avoid dealing with unresolved problems. There is no escape. Unfortunately we cannot run into one comer of our mind as a way of denying another corner. Our mind is like a web, with perceptions, feelings and thoughts holding everything together.

Controlling feelings through willpower creates pressure in another area of our life. Yet, it is necessary to resist external demands that affect us. To resist external oppression such as manipulative, dominating forces is correct. Another response may be fear. Of course, It is easier to conform but suppressing our right to speak up, we suppress our voice of freedom. Not expressing our concerns creates mistrust in relationships.

Wise resistance to oppression, finding skillful means
to resolve exploitation and harm.

To resist is to shun freedom. What do we resist? Fear to resist the demands, beliefs and intolerance of authority figures? Do we resist looking at ourselves? Do we resist looking at our mind games? When we become involved in one narrow field of interest, we may be suppressing other equally important areas. It keep us estranged from those you love and then suppression becomes a part of our life. Events repeat often, coming up again and again, repeating itself through thoughts, emotions, feelings and desires. Refusing to look confusion and agitation intensifies the pain in us.







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