Beauty, Fame and Wealth


The three terrible karmas in Buddhism,''Beauty, fame and wealth". They are that, that stop you finding true happiness. The Buddha knew and learned the wisdom when he renunciated worldly pleasures. He lived as Prince Siddhartha Gautama in the country of Sakya. A handsome young man, aged twenty-nine, married to the most beautiful woman, Yasodhara. People idolized him. The citizens adored him and threw petals at his feet. He had great wealth. It took a personal crisis not long before his thirtieth birthday for him to turn his back on the three terrible karmas of beauty, fame and wealth. In return for losing the pleasures, he was free without mental hindrances.


With ''Beauty, fame and wealth" of course there are negativity's. The endless gossip, envy, jealousy and hatred. Recognizing these simple truth tends to be very fleeting, because the desire for these three, Beauty, Fame and Wealth in our lives then takes over. Despite this, there is a painful price, sucked into the whirlpool of desires, feeling compelled with the attraction to beauty, fame and wealth.


Behind closed doors of being trapped in these 'three" lives seem more messy, complicated and confused. Deluded into imagining that life is full of excitement and always upbeat. Superficial needs, loneliness and despair don't really enter our lives. Drowning in self-indulgence in these three areas, wasting life trying to be something that one is not.

Can we agree with this Buddhist viewpoint? If we are determined to put aside all craving for beauty, fame and wealth, we may find our life moving towards Love, Wisdom and Compassion. Spending less time and money on appearances, and trying to impress others. Beauty's sister is vanity. Not thinking up ideas how to preserve our looks, or make even more money. These concerns would be put aside.


Pain, Resistance, Freedom and Liberty



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