Attachment is a form of dependency based on ego;
Attachment asks for conformity to your needs and desires.
Attachment expresses an overwhelming demand
Attachment tries to exclude everything but two people


There is a part of you that sees itself as fragmented from the whole.
This pain grows out of the state of separation.

It is not created by what another does to us. Perhaps, marriage can make you feel whole. Perhaps, it can bring more security at certain levels. Wholeness does not come from marriage and unity is not increased. It is very common for two people to feel that marriage has brought them a burden of cares rather than to find freedom. Attachment then turns into pain,
betrayal, suspicion, and distrust. How to preserve the devotion and faithfulness
of marriage without giving in to neediness and attachment.


What is required is a state called nonattachment.

Attachment has a deeper spiritual meaning. It represents an attempt to reach Unity by merging with another soul. Although it may not be completely conscious, at some level you realize that you have been living in separation from the Divine, a condition that is full of anxiety and insecurity.

Non-attachment is actually a state of freedom that preserves and even increases your love for another. Non-attachment is achieved by allowing, which shows tremendous care. The insights that apply to non-attachment carry us deeper into the spiritual importance of letting go.

The Self would provide unconditional love, which means that no betrayal or abandonment could harm us. When you are in union no one can really leave you. Defined, the "normal" state of life, is not to be in unity. It is natural to seek to be whole again, to heal separation by fusing yourself with another person.


Love allows your loved one the freedom to be unlike you. Love expands beyond the limits of two people. Love imposes no demands, love is based on spirit. The more non-attached you are, the more you can truly love.

Action that does not bind, comes directly from love; all other actions comes indirectly from the past. Struggling with karma will not free you from its binding influence. Freedom can only be achieved by remembering who
you really are.You are, unbounded Spirit, beyond the reach of karma.

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