Is Attachment love?


Truly, it is easy to say "I love you" or "I have a great love for this person and I absolutely abhor the other". Our stories and dramas constantly play themselves out
in our minds. Our search for the ultimate Peace and Unity takes us on the path of merging with another. And, yet we seem still dissatisfied. We search for that
LOVE that will make us feel secure and connected.

Look deeper and you will see that love.




One way that people deprive themselves of love is especially confusing because
it seems to be a way to increase it: "this is attachment".

Inclusion and Exclusion

A relationship based upon need is really just expanded ego. Being able to fuse your ego
with someone else's brings a sense of security; it justifies being selfish because the
selfishness is shared. Our likes and dislikes, our sense of being set apart from
others. Attachment at it's most extreme is a kind of mutual madness in
which two people try to possess each other body and soul.


In ordinary relationships attachment seems normal.
Attachment gives us a sense of security through insulation from the
outside world. "Two of us " a tight, enclosed world gives safety and security.










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