Light Quotient

Each of us has a very specific quotient of light that we house in our individual physical bodies. The percentage scale, the average percentage of light, pure light, that each one holds, is between sixty and seventy percent . When you are in a state of spiritual or meditative expansion, you raise this quotient to approximately ninty percent .

When one is in a state of depression, dismay, despair, disgust, disillusionment, we lower this light quotient to about forty percent.When we go deeper into this state and it drops below the 40% line, the physical body then is shed. This can be shed exiting straight away.

Now, having understood this and having understood our light quotient is approximately sixty to seventy percent at a given normal time, what is this other thirty percent ? The other thirty percent are fluctuations that occur within us : part of this are gaps, spaces, or capsules which we use to fill with new information, new energies, new discoveries. These gaps will always remain like containers within your light quotient.

When we first take in the new energy, the new information, the new growth into these capsules, we filter it into our light quotient and it then becomes part of our light. At the same time, through these gaps we begin to shed aspects of Self that now do not require in this energetic and physical Beingness. Debris, old patterns, old concepts, outdated notions, aspects that no longer fit with our Beingness. Not all of this is debris, often we are simply 'upgrading' self. It is rather like redecorating our home with new furniture and fixtures that now suit our more sophisticated taste.


What we release through these bubble-like capsules is either sent into the Universe
to be transmuted or sent to others who would find it useful in their scheme of Now.


Pure Light


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