Defining Light

Defining Light in a completely different manner. Just to add a new dimension to our awareness.
This is not of that Light in energetic terms or in physical, spiritual terms or in scientific terms.

Light Is Comprised Of Different Levels Of Consciousness.
And it's refractability, like the
facets of a diamond, depend on
the levels of consciousness that you have absorbed into your Beingness.

Each time we add a new layer to our own light, by coating it with a new level of personal knowledge, growth, wisdom, universal truth, acknowledgement of Self, etc we add a new layer to the reflective surface of the mirror. It is like adding layer and after layer of the shiny surface of the mirror, but unlike a physical mirror which would just get thicker, in terms of light, the more you add the more refined it gets. The more you add the thinner and finer it gets, the more you absorb the more it reflects, it is like the opposite of a black hole, and the more you reflect, the more you draw to Self, and the more you draw to Self, the more you reflect.

And this, when in physical form, translates to a light quotient that we hold within your Beingness that actually makes our body work, that actually make our brain function, that actually makes us radiate an aura that draws others to you, that actually keeps you 'ticking'. If you had no light, we could not exist in this third dimensional form and when we are not in third dimensional form, when we are in full Spirit form, our light knows no boundaries..

Now begin to understand why it is said that all are interconnected, because when we are pure light, as each and every one of us is, every time we merge with another's light we are simply absorbing that into our Beingness and reflecting it back at a higher quotient. So actually we are all reflections of each other, and each time we come into the ambit of another magnificent light being, it is like a series of flashing lights that gets stronger and stronger, till there is no separation between us and another and yet there is a core within that mirror that has to be individuated, which is your purity.


Light Quotient


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